Head check:

$25 per individual for a first time head check, (new clients only)

$15 for subsequent re-occurrences of lice

Lice and Nit Removal:

Treatment – Weekday Rates

$110 -1st hour (includes 2 follow up rechecks) Minimum charge ½ 60.00, ¾ $80.00

$70 – Each consecutive hour

$20 – Each consecutive ¼ hour

Treatment – Weekend or Holiday Rates

$170 -1st hour (includes 2 follow up rechecks) Minimum charge – one hour per person treated

$100 – Each consecutive hour

$25 – Each consecutive ¼ hour

Appointment times are dependent upon, length and thickness of hair, severity of infestation and cooperation of the client! Ladies and girls take approximately 2 hour per appointment. While men and boys are approximately 1 hr. 15 min per appointment.
Appointment Prices Include: 2 follow up rechecks and a Terminator Lice® comb.

Cash, Checks ,visa


After treatment:

  1. Leave product on the head for at least two hours, but wash prior to going to bed that evening.
  2. Keep the head back when rinsing out the product. While we use products that are safe and non-toxic, it should not have contact with the eyes.
  3. Do NOT let children sit in the tub when rinsing any product out of their hair. Again the products we use are safe and non-toxic, they are not intended for body absorption. Additionally there is risk of urinary tract infections for little girls.
  4. Keep the follow-up, re-check appointments.
  5. Comb your child’s hair every day with the Terminator Comb, provide.
  6. Tell your family and friends who have been in contact with the infected person and encourage them to get checked and treated if necessary.