NIT Emergency





NIT Emergency is owned and operated by Cathlyn Lynch a Maryland native, single mother and survivor of Lice.

Between working part time at a daycare center during college and spending the next eleven years very active in Scouting, I have always knew that my path in life would bring me back to working with children.

The last 16 years of my professional career has been in the Biotech industry, but I decided that it was time to step out of the behind the scenes and do something where I could personally see the results. After much research I chose the Lice Removal industry. I am excited to help you and your family!

IMG_2557 - CopyI am a Certified Lice Technician in the The Shepherd Method™, having been trained by Katie Shepherd and her team at The Shepherd Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.


The mission of NIT Emergency is to help your family though compassion and education. Every year 6-12 million people are diagnosed with head lice (pediculosis). Over time lice have built up resistance to over-the-counter and prescription products that kill live lice, but NOT the nits and eggs. These products do not work and contain harmful chemicals. A NIT Emergency lice removal specialist will examine your hair strand-by-strand (paper thin sections) and remove all of the lice and nits without using toxic products. I am committed to treating your condition, easing your anxiety, and ensuring that you leave well informed and with your mind at ease.


Not yet ready to share your LOUSY day with your close family and friends?

A NIT Emergency Lice Removal Specialist will arrive promptly in an unmarked vehicle. If you’re not yet ready to have the neighbors know your personal struggle or just want to give them the news in your own time, in your own way, with NIT Emergency at your services you can. We come directly to you to provide treatment.

After privacy, NIT Emergency values comfort. By NIT Emergency coming to your home, your child will feel safe and have the comfort of their own toys and movies available to help entertain them during services.

NIT Emergency Lice Removal Specialists have been certified /or fully trained in ‘The Shepherd Method™’ of nit and lice removal. This proven and highly effective “Strand by Strand” method of combing and examining the hair in wafer thin sections was developed by leading lice expert, author and researcher, Katie Shepherd, founder of the Shepherd Lice Institute.

Lice simply don’t stand a chance when up against this detail oriented lice removal technique plus the application of our superb non-toxic treatment products! This method is based on a treat once and treat right mentality.