NIT Emergency is an in-home lice removal service. Offering initial head checks to families, schools and camps. If evidence of lice is found, we will provide treatment upon your approval.  We treat lice using all-natural products. Our guarantee is to help your family! Parents your children will return to school in a timely manner.

We provide comfort to families and helpful tips to prevent  re-infestations. NIT Emergency staff will quickly, accurately and safely eliminate your infestation.  We offer factual information that alleviates concern based on misinformation read or heard.

Our in home lice removal service is based on the  “The Shepherd Method™”.  We are certified and/or trained technicians utilizing “The Shepherd Method™” of nit and lice removal. Our all-natural products do not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

“The Shepherd Method™” uses a proven and highly effective “Strand by Strand” method.  Utilizing wafer thin sections the hair is combed and examined. This allows for more nits to be removed. This method was developed by leading lice expert, author and researcher, Katie Shepherd, founder of the Shepherd Lice Institute.

Lice simply don’t stand a chance when up against this detailed lice removal technique!

By working with NIT Emergency:

~       Your privacy is protected by us.

~       You receive treatment in the comfort of your own home.

~       We only use a complete line of safe, non-toxic products.

~       We offer helpful hints on how to prevent future infestation.




sheppard-instituteCathlyn Lynch of NIT Emergency, LLC is certified in “The Shepherd Method”.

To locate a ‘Shepherd Certified’ service company in ANOTHER area click here!certified/c8hf.